Kamis, 16 April 2015

My whole life is a lie.

Rabu, 18 April 2012

A Lesson Learned: Fake People

Some people try to get next to you just to use you. They don't care about the word "friend" mean. For people like them, you're just someone who give some advantages, that's all. They don't give a damn shit about how you feel, how much you appreciate the friendship. No, they're not, they're that shallow.

Some people being so nice just to reach their goal, not because they care about you. Hey they don't even see you as a person. Fake people. When you're happy and start to care more about those people as your friend, they only think that the relationship is just more likely a mutualism symbiosis. Yeah it's normal but... such a primitive way of thinking.

Well, be useful then but in a clever way. When those fake people do that thing, it's clear enough that they're lack of something. Still, it's a good thing to help other people, isn't it? But please remember you must keep in balance, too much of something is never been good. You need to love yourself, fake people don't deserve your effort. In my opinion, being too kind is not a good thing either.

You are the one who really know about yourself, the one who can care about yourself. Nobody really cares but your own self. Yeah, it's a cruel world. So, if you feel it's enough, please remember that you're absolutely allowed to dump those fake people. In life, it is necessary to remove some shady people. Don't feel sorry when they don't even see you as a real person with a heart in it. You deserve more than that.

If they have their own reason to use you, then you got your own to dump them.

Keep on moving and be grateful. p(>o<)q

Sabtu, 07 April 2012

It's nobody's fault that no one understands. Yes, I'm dumb.
But this time, i feel so tired.
I'm tired of trying.
Inside, i'm just a little girl who wants to be hugged.
But no one's there, not even trying.
Yes, I know it's nobody's fault.

So, I made my decision, I stopped.

Later on... I see everything becomes a mess.
That mess, yes that mess, I see that it blames me for everything that happened.

I don't even the right to stop, to calm myself down, to heal this wounded heart, do I?
Why do people not even trying to make everything keep in its place?

If they only knew, i've just got a frozen 100% dark chocolate as a gift.
It's hard to bite. It really is, if the only knew.

But, no one even tries.

Well, it's ok, it's nobody's fault.

Rabu, 14 Desember 2011


Tak berarti tak dapat mendengar
Tak berarti tak dapat melihat

Tak berarti bodoh
Tak berarti mati rasa

Coba ingatlah itu...
Itu pun jika kamu sudi.

Rabu, 07 September 2011

Tuhan saya hidup!

Tuhan saya adalah guru saya
dia selalu punya cara yang cerdik untuk mengajari saya.
Tuhan saya adalah orangtua saya
dia memberi harta yang takkan pernah habis, pikiran bijaksana dan hati yang mengerti.
Tuhan saya adalah sahabat saya
dia satu-satunya yang selalu bersama saya.

Tuhan belum mati
día hidup di dalam hidup saya.

Senin, 01 Agustus 2011

kenapa baru sekarang?

A: kenapa baru sekarang? aduh maaf ya, saya tau sih kamu juga pasti juga udah mempertanyakan itu, tapi pengen ngomong aja.
B: iya bener banget, gapapa kok. saya juga udah memperkirakan pertanyaan itu pasti keluar.

hanya ada 2 saat yang paling tepat untuk memulai perubahan, yaitu 3 bulan yang lalu atau sekarang. 3 bulan yang lalu sudah berlalu begitu saja, maka pilihan yang ada tinggal sekarang, bukan? (nn, 2011)

mengapa harus takut bikin kesalahan? kalo salah ya tinggal dibenerin bukan? (wibowo, 2008)

Senin, 06 Juni 2011

June 6th :)

Hello Big Pa Theo up there! how are you there? today is June 6th, it used to be your birthday down here. Lange nicht gesehen :P. do you remember me?

Whenever i eat bounty
Whenever i see pony horse
Whenever i think about germany
it will always remind me of you. your beautiful smile.

I feel like i have a beautiful spirit today, is it you?